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Alumni of the Genetics & Genome Sciences Program 

Ryan Corbett Ryan Corbett

Dissertation: Assessment of State-Specific DNA Methylation Patterns to Improve Functional Annotation of Farm Animal Genomes (Abstract)
Advisor: Cathy Ernst
Graduated: Summer 2021

Laura Harding-Jackson Laura Harding-Jackson

Dissertation: Heterogeneous Thalamic Reticular Nucleus Neurons and their Functional Role in Thalamocortical Processing (Abstract)
Advisor: Lee Kroos
Graduated: Summer 2021

Katerina Lay-Pruitt Katerina Lay-Pruitt

Dissertation: A Nitrogen-Responsive Small Peptide Signaling Mechanism Modulates Plant Root System Architecture (Abstract)
Advisor: Hideki Takahashi
Graduated: Spring 2021

Scott Funkhouser Scott Funkhouser

Dissertation: Deciphering the Genetics Basis for Complex Trait Variation: Utilizing Alternative Genome-Wide Association Metrics and Molecular Phenotypes (Abstract)
Advisor: Cathy Ernst 
Graduated: Summer 2019

Jeff Schachterle Jeff Schachterle

Dissertation: Roles of Hfq-Dependent sRNAs in E. amylovora Regulation of Virulence (Abstract)
Advisor: George Sundin
Graduated: Summer 2019

Mitch Roth Mitch Roth

Dissertation: Investigating Management and Genetics of Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome Pathogens Fusarium Virguliforme and F. Brasiliense (Abstract
Advisor: Martin Chilvers
Graduated: Spring 2019

Alyssa Fedorko Alyssa Fedorko

Dissertation: Identification of Survival Marker CXXC5 and Metastatic Modeling of Endometrial Cancer (Abstract)
Advisor: John Risinger
Graduated: Spring 2019

Alec Steep Alec Steep

Dissertation: The Genetic Landscape of Marek's Disease Lymphoma (Abstract)
Advisor: Hans Cheng
Graduated: Spring 2019

Roshan Angoshtari Roshan Angoshtari

Dissertation: Bacterial community assembly and stability on the surface of the Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) eggs (Abstract)
Advisor: Terrence Marsh
Graduated: Spring 2019

Derek Fedeson Derek Fedeson

Dissertation: Toward the Development of Synthetic Microbial Consortia Utilizing Engineered Cyanobacteria and Heterotroph Interactions (Abstract)
Advisor: Daniel Ducat
Graduated: Fall 2018

Ashley Serverance Ashley Serverance

Dissertation: Genetic and Molecular Control of Oocyte Function (Abstract)
Advisor: Keith Latham
Graduated: Summer 2018

Amanda Charbonneau Amanda Charbonneau

Dissertation: Weed Evolution: Genetic Differentiation Among Wild, Weedy, and Crop Radish (Abstract)
Advisor: Jeff Conner and Ian Dworkin
Graduated: Spring 2018

Nicholas Panchy Nicholas Panchy

Dissertation: Investigating Complexity in Transcriptome Expression, Regulation, and Evolution Using Mathematical Modeling (Abstract)
Advisor: Shinhan Shiu
Graduated: Fall 2017

Michael McAndrew Michael McAndrew

Dissertation: Chromatin and Transcriptional Regulation in Mouse Macrophages (Abstract)
Advisor: Monique Floer
Graduated: Fall 2017

Paula Gajewski Paula Gajewski

Dissertation: Cocaine-mediated Induction and Gene Targets of Hippocampal FosB (Abstract)
Advisor: Alfred Robison
Graduated: Fall 2017

Anne Sonnenschein Anne Sonnenschein

Dissertation: Machine Learning for the Study of Gene Regulation and Complex Traits (Abstract)
Advisor: David Arnosti and Ian Dworkin
Graduated: Summer 2017

Ethan Dawson-Baglien Ethan Dawson-Baglien

Dissertation: Identifying a Causal Gene for Ocular Melanosis in Carin Terriers (Abstract)
Advisor: Simon Peterson-Jones
Graduated: Summer 2017

Jinpeng Li Jinpeng Li

Dissertation: ARYL Hydrocarbon Receptor Activation by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-P-dioxin Impairs Human B Lymphopoiesis (Abstract)
Advisor: Norbert Kaminski
Graduated: Spring 2017

Nermin Kady Nermin Kady

Dissertation: The Role of Sphingolipids in Retinal Vascular Integrity (Abstract)
Advisor: Julia Busik
Graduated: Spring 2017

Nikolas McPherson Nikolas McPherson

Dissertation: Novel Insights Into Sugar and Succinate Metabolism of Actinobacillus succinogenes from Strains Evolved for Improved Growth on Lignocellulose Hydrolysate Sugars (Abstract)
Advisor: Claire Vieille
Graduated: Spring 2017

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