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Alumni of the Genetics & Genome Sciences Program 

Eliana Gonzales-Vigil Eliana Gonzales-Vigil

Dissertation: Identification and Characterization of Tomato (Solanum lycopersium) Proteins Involved in Resistance to Insect Herivores (Abstract)
Advisor: Gregg Howe
Graduated: Summer 2009

Dana Reznik Gerken Dana Reznik Gerken

Master's Report: The development of a system to measure ribosomal dropoff in microorganisms with various rRNA operon copies
Advisor: Tom Schmidt
Graduated: Summer 2009

Xiaoli Gao Xiaoli Gao

Dissertation: LC/MS Based Metabolite Profiling in Reverse Genetics Investigations of Wounding and Pathogen Stress Responses in Arabidopsis thaliana (Abstract)
Advisor: A. Daniel Jones
Graduated: Summer 2009

Matthew Berry Matthew Berry

Dissertation: Role of waaL and umuDC in Erwinia amylovoara Ea1189 in Oxidative and Ultraviolet Radition Stress Survival (Abstract)
Advisor: George Sundin
Graduated: Spring 2009

Amal Abdul-Hafez Amal Abdul-Hafez

Dissertation: Regulation of angiotensinogen gene expression by transforming growth factor-beta 1 in lung fibroblasts (Abstract)
Advisor: Bruce Uhal
Graduated: Fall 2008

Andrea Bräutigam Andrea Bräutigam

Dissertation: Role of the Plastid Envelope Membrane in Integrating the Plastid into Cellular Metobolic Networks (Abstract)
Advisor: Andreas Weber
Graduated: Fall 2008

Marc Linka Marc Linka

Dissertation: Understanding the origin and function of organellar metabolite transport proteins in photosynethic Eukaryotes (Abstract)
Advisor: Andreas Weber
Graduated: Fall 2008

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Phone: 517-884-5299
Email: genetics@msu.edu

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