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Alumni of the Genetics & Genome Sciences Program 

Neli Ragina Neli Ragina

Disseration: The Role of H19 on the Differentiation Potential of Parthenogenetic Embryonic Stem Cells (Abstract)
Advisor: Jose Cibeli
Graduated: Summer 2011

Eric Schauberger Eric Schauberger

Disseration: The Identification of ATPAF1 as a Novel Asthma Susceptibility Gene and the Characterization of Functional Regulatory Variants (Abstract)
Advisor: Susan Ewart
Graduated: Summer 2011

Elizabeth Molina-Campos Elizabeth Molina-Campos

Dissertation: Neuromuscular Transmission in a Naturally Occurring Mouse Mutant of the β Subunit of the Neuronal Calcium Channel (Abstract)
Advisor: Bill Atchison
Graduated: Summer 2011

Michael Weigand Michael Weigand

Dissertation: The Influence of General and Inducible Hypermutation on Adapatation During Experimental Evolution (Abstract)
Advisor: George Sundin
Graduated: Spring 2011

Emily Flynn Emily Flynn

Dissertation: Regulation of the Progesterone Receptor In The Mouse Mammary Gland: Characterization of the Transcription Unit, The Role of Activating Protien-1 (Ap-1), and the Influence of Ovarian Hormones (Abstract)
Advisor: Richard Miksicek
Graduated: Spring 2011

Sankalpi Warnasooriya Sankalpi Warnasooriya

Dissertation: Tissue and Organ-Specific Phytochrome-Mediated Responses in Arabidopsis Thaliana (Abstract)
Advisor: Beronda Montgomery
Graduated: Fall 2010

Riold Furtuna Riold Furtuna

Masters Report: Burkholderia cenocepacia strain AU1054: Type IV Secretion System and its role in pathogenesis and gene transfe
Advisor: George Sundin
Graduated: Fall 2010

Erin Wakeling Erin Wakeling

Dissertation: Investigation of LIX1 And Its Role In Feline Spinal Atrophy Pathogenesis (Abstract)
Advisor: John Fyfe
Graduated: Fall 2010

Chengliang Zhang Chengliang Zhang

Dissertation: A Novel TIP30 Complex Regulates Endocytic Trafficking of Signaling Receptors by Facilitating the Transport of Vacuolar (H+)-ATPases to Early Endosomes (Abstract)
Advisor: Hua Xiao
Graduated: Fall 2010

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Email: genetics@msu.edu

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