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Alumni of the Genetics & Genome Sciences Program 

Shahnaz Masani Shahnaz Masani

Dissertation: The Role of Switch Region DNA and Protein Factors in Immunoglobulin Class Switch Recombination (Abstract)
Advisor: Kefei Yu
Graduated: Summer 2015

Aritro Nath Aritro Nath

Dissertation: Investigating the Role of Elevated Free Fatty Acids in Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition of Helpatocellular Carcinoma (Abstract)
Advisor: Christina Chan
Graduated: Summer 2015

Marcelo Campos Marcelo Campos

Dissertation: The Role of Jaz Proteins in the Regulation of Plant Growth and Defense (Abstract
Advisor: Gregg Howe
Graduated: Summer 2015

Arkadeep Sinha Arkadeep Sinha

Dissertation: Molecular Differences Between Epithelial & Mesenchymal Cells as Candidates for Theraputic Targets and Biomarkers for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma (Abstract)
Advisor: Brian Haab
Graduated: Fall 2014

Ferzin Sethna Ferzin Sethna

Dissertation: Investigating Novel Therapeutic Targets for the Treatment of Fragile X Syndrome (Abstract)
Advisor: Hongbing Wang
Graduated: Fall 2014

Tamer Mansour Tamer Mansour

Dissertation: Determining the Role of Irf6 in T Cell Development and Functional Commitment (Abstract)
Advisor: Brian Schutte
Graduated: Fall 2014

Evin Hildebrandt Evin Hildebrandt

Dissertation: Identifying the Genetics Basis of Attenuation in Marek's Disease Virus via Experimental Evolution (Abstract)
Advisor: Hans Cheng
Graduated: Fall 2014

Arianna Smith Arianna Smith

Dissertation: Determining the role of IRF6 in Oogenesis and Extra Embryonic Development (Abstract)
Advisor: Brian Schutte
Graduated: Fall 2014

Genetics & Genome Sciences Program Office:
2168 Biomedical & Physical Sciences
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Ml 48824-4320 USA
Phone: 517-884-5299
Email: genetics@msu.edu

Office Hours:
7:30 AM-4:00 PM
We are closed from 12:30pm-1pm for lunch.

Summer Hours:
7:30 AM- 3:30 PM
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