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GEN 800 Seminar Courses

Fall 2019

GEN 800 Sec 001/IBIO 890 Sec 606

Course Title: Comparative Animal Genomics

When: Monday, 2:40PM - 3:50PM
Where: NS 351

Faculty facilitators: Ingo Braash 
Course Description: Genomesaresequenced and analyzed at an ever-increasing pace dueto the revolution in genomic methods, offering an unprecedented opportunities to compare genomes across animallineages for a comprehensive understanding into the evolution of their genome architecture, content, and function. We will discuss recent advances in animal genomics using examples from the research literature. Topicsinclude: origins of animal genomes; genome structure evolution & genomic rearrangements; sex chromosome evolution; gene family dynamics (gene duplication/loss); genome duplication/polyploidy; gene regulation, chromatin architecture, epigenetics; transposable elements; phylogenomics & ancestral genome reconstruction; genomic basisof major transitions during animal evolution, of domestication and of human-specific traits


GEN 800 Sec 002

Course Title: Molecular Plant Sciences Seminar

When: One hour each week for 12 weeks 
Where: TBD

Faculty facilitators: Berkley Walker 
Course Description:  An advanced seminar focused on reading of the literature and student presentations on topic areas that address interdisciplinary problems in plant biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. Goals for the course include increasing competence in reading scientific literature and oral presentation skills, and to prepare students for engagement with the Molecular Plant Sciences weekly seminar