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GGS Research Forum 2019-2020

12:00-1:00 PM
1425 Biomedical Physical Science Building


Fall 2019

Date Speaker Department Title

Sept. 4




Sept. 11 Jacob Bibik CMB

“Synthetic Biology Approaches Establish the Foundation for Sustainable Production of High Value Terpenoids”

Sept. 18

Agustin Gonzalez-Reymundez

Peter Huang

Faryal Mir

Christine Ponnampalam

Siobhan Cusack

Leah Johnson

Sandy Olenic

Shreya Saha

CMB & GGS Research Rundowns
Sept. 25

Laura Harding

Katerina Lay-Pruitt

Yasir Nawaz

Jake Reske

Donghee Hoh

Sean Nguyen

Ana-Maria Raicu

Aaron Wasserman

Sarah McNitt

CMB & GGS Research Rundowns 
Oct. 2 Aitor Aguirre Faculty Talk "Oxylipin signaling in cardiac development and congenital heart disease"
Oct. 9 Ryan Corbett GGS

*in room 2245*

"Impact of Incubation Parameters on the Chick Cardiac Methylome" 

Oct. 16 Genevieve Hoopes CMB "Investigating the Circadian Clock in Crops"
Oct. 23 Davis Mathieu GGS "Modern Techniques for Elucidating Early Plant-Fungal Mutualism and Terrestrial Takeover"
Oct. 30 Julie Rojewski   IDP Workshop 
Nov. 6 Genna Wilber/Christine Ponnampalam CMB & GGS

“Progesterone regulation of NOTCH1 cleavage and translocation in human endometrial stromal cells” & “Investigating the role of enteric glial STING in microbe-neuro-immune crosstalk” 

Nov. 13 Shinhan Shiu RCR

"Ten Simple Rules for Reproducible Computational Research"

Read the "Ten Simple Rules for Reproducible Computational Research" paper.

Nov. 20  Mauro Modesti Guest Speaker

"Dynamics and mechanics of DNA tethering by Non-Homologous End Joining factors and by the MRE11/RAD50/NBS1 complex"

Dec. 4 GGS Student Meeting    

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Department Title

Jan. 8

CMB Student Meeting CMB In room 2245
Jan. 15 Sarah McNitt CMB "Host and Parasite Correlates of Protection Against Cerebral Malaria" 
Jan. 22

Brooke Armistead 

Genevieve Hoopes

Amanda Koenig

Ryan Marquardt 

Tayler Murphy

Robin Seay

Yueqi Zhang

CMB & GGS Research Rundown
Jan. 29

Levi Bauer 

Jake Bibik 

Ryan Corbett

Betul Kara 

Davis Mathieu 

Emily Roggenkamp 

Genna Wilber

CMB & GGS Research Rundown
Feb. 5 Ryan Marquardt / Tayler Murphy CMB & GGS

“Endometrial epithelial ARID1A loss causes gland dysfunction in endometriosis and non-receptive endometrium” & 

Elucidating the mechanism by which OCT4 directs primitive endoderm cell fate in pre-implantation mouse embryos

Feb. 12 Sean Nguyen CMB * room 2245* 
Feb. 19 Career Panel     
Feb. 26 Dr. Brian Petroff RCR  
Mar. 11 Katerina Lay-Pruitt/Amanda Koenig GGS *room 2245*
Mar. 18 Emily Roggenkamp / Reid Blanchett GGS  
Mar. 25 Cheryl Rockwell Faculty Talk  
April 1 Dr. Emily Josephs    
April 8 Chris Contag Faculty Talk  
April 15 Robin Seay CMB  
April 22 GGS Student Meeting     
April 29 Reid Blanchett  GGS