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GGS Research Forum 2020-2021

12:00-1:00 PM
Fall forum will take place remotely
Meeting ID: 757 968 458
Passcode: CMBGGS

Fall 2020

Date Speaker Department Title

Sept. 9

Elliot Ensink

Noah Goff

Laura Harding

Leah Johnson

Athanasios Kondilis

Sarah McNitt

Christine Ponnampalam

Jake Reske

Aaron Wasserman


Research Rundowns

Sept. 16 Robin Seay CMB "Characterizing the role of canonical BMP signaling in murine preimplantation lineage specification"
Sept. 23 Athanasios Kondilis CMB **CANCELLED**
Sept. 30

Elliot Ensink

GGS "Elucidating the Relationship of Pyruvate Kinase Isoforms to Cysteine Metabolism in Pancreatic Cancer"
Oct. 7 Aaron Wasserman CMB "Oxytocin Mediates Neuroendocrine Reprogramming of the Epicardium in Heart Regeneration"
Oct. 14 Brooke Armistead / Betul Kara GGS & CMB Molecular mechanisms involving PPARγ in placental pathophysiology of preeclampsia / Neurofibrillary tangle evolution in mild cognitive impairment
Oct. 21 Leah Johnson / Patrick Oconnell CMB Control of defense-related tryptophan metabolism through a specific JAZ-MYC regulon / SLAMF7 signaling reprograms T cells towards exhaustion in the tumor microenvironment
Oct. 28 Levi Bauer / Noah Goff CMB / GGS

“Assembly of a nanopore-based reference genome for Datura metel” / “The Structural Role of Ligase 4 in Non-Homologous End Joining of DNA Double Strand Breaks”

Nov. 4 Genna Moldovan CMB "Role of the HIPPO and NOTCH signaling pathways in endometrial stromal cells during decidualization"
Nov. 11 Stephanie Watts RCR "Thinking About Scientific Authorship"
Nov. 18 Bruce Uhal Faculty Talk "ACE-2, Much More Than Just a Receptor for SARS-CoV-2"
Nov. 25  Jake Reske GGS "ARID1A-P400 interaction is a candidate mechanism underlying SWI/SNF transcriptional regulation"
Dec. 2 Cheryl Rockwell Faculty Talk "T cells defending the northern border: the role of Nrf2 in immune response to influenza"
Dec. 9 CMB / GGS Student Meeting    

Spring 2021

Date Speaker Department Title

Jan. 13

Jacob Bibik

Abigail Bryson

Agustin Gonzalez-Reymundez

Genevieve Hoopes

Ryan Marquardt 

Davis Mathieu

Alex McKim

Faryal Mir

Tayler Murphy

Muhammad Yasir Nawaz

Sandra Olenic 

CMB & GGS Research Rundowns
Jan. 20 Amanda Koenig / Ana-Maria Raicu GGS & CMB "PHLOEM LIPID-ASSOCIATED FAMILY PROTEIN as a Phosphatidic Acid-Dependent Signal for Systemic Stress Response" / "Context-dependent gene regulatory activities of Rb paralogs in the fly wing"
Jan. 27 Marianne Huebner Faculty Talk "Ten simple rules for reproducibility"
Feb. 3 Brad Day   Faculty Talk
Feb. 10 Reid Blanchett / Xuan Xie GGS & CMB  
Feb. 17 Scout Calvert MSU Libraries RCR - Data Management 
Feb. 24 Yueqi Zhang CMB  
Mar. 3 No Forum    
Mar. 10 Katerina Lay-Pruitt / Laura Harding GGS  
Mar. 17 Chen Chen   Faculty Talk 
Mar. 24 Donghee Hoh CMB  
Mar. 31 Ryan Corbett GGS  
April 7 Noura Massri / Axel Schmitter CMB  
April 14 Christine Ponnampalam / Basma Al Masraf GGS & CMB  
April 21 CMB & GGS Student Meetings