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Poster Presenters

Name Poster Title
Sander Frank Investigating a Mechanism for p38-MAPK Regulation of Notch in Prostate Epithelial Differentiation
Rewatee Gokhale Intra-organ coordination of growth is meditated by steroid hormone signaling
Megan Goodall Development of Potent Autophagy Inhibiters that sensitize Oncogenic BRAF (V600E) Mutant Meanoma to Vemurafenib
Sherif Ibrahim The role of an autocrine loop in Fra-1 regulation in MDA-231 breast cancer cell line
Kurtulus Kok Co-repressor Preferences and Distinct Chromatin Features induced by Hairy Transcriptional Repressor in the Drosophila Embryo
Brenda Marrero-Rosado Effects of Methylmercury on Cerebellar Granule Cells of the Tottering Mouse
Gaurav Moghe Intergenic Dark Matter trascripts: Investigations in A. thaliana
Aritro Nath Free fatty acid induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition in liver cancer cells
Ashwini Phadnis BCL-6 and SHP-1: Putative regulators of TCDD-mediated impaired human B cell activation
Chotirat Rattanasinchai MLKs regulate the activities of the small GTPases, Rho and Rac, to drive both single cell and collective cell migration in breast cancer invasion
Doug Roossien Growth cones advance by bulk translocation in vivo
Nanda Kumar Sasi Investigating the apoptotic pathway induced by blocking Cdc7 kinase in tumor cells
Johnny Stiban Very Longchain ceramides interfere with C6-Ceramide induced channel formation
Xiaoting Wu Adenine Nucleotide Translocase 2 (ANT2) promotes ATP production and cell migration in breast cancer
Youssef Kousa  Grhl3, a transcriptional target of Irf6 in the periderm, is necessary for palatal development
Arianna Smith A rare mutation that disrupts enhancer activity is associated with Van der Woude syndrome
Nicholas McPherson Evolving and Engineering Actinobacillus succinogenes for Succinate Production from Lignocellulose Hydrolysates