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Poster Presenters

Name Poster Title
Savvas Constantinou scn4aa drives EOD amplitude in a mormyrid weakly electric fish
Ryan Corbett Integrating genome-wide association with expression profiling for analysis of fat traits in a pig resource population
Thomas Dexheimer MSU Assay Development and Drug Repurposing Core
Derek Fedeson Engineering a Surface Display System in Synechococcus elongatus PCC7942 for Designed Interactions
Scott Funkhouser Evidence for transcriptome-wide RNA editing among Sus scrofa PRE-1 SINE elements
Paula Gajewski Epigenetic regulation of FosB in hippocampal-dependent behaviors
Agustin Gonzalez Prediction Accuracy of Breast Cancer Survival by Integrating Omics and Omic-by-Treatment Interactions
Arjun Krishnan Computational Genomics and Biomedical Data Science @ MSU
Katerina Lay Ammonium-mediated regulation of root gravitropism through the CLE3-CLV1 small signaling peptide pathway
Nicholas Panchy Evolution of Duplicate Transcription Factors in Arabidopsis thaliana Favors Partitioning of Ancestral Expression
Christine Ponnampalam Cyclic di-GMP interacts with enteric glia STING to produce type I interferons and innate immune response in the enteric nervous system.
Ashley Severance PLK1 Regulates EIF4EBP1 Phosphorylation at the Meiotic Spindle
Kun (Kenny) Wang A plastid lipase involved in acyl export and seed oil biosynthesis