Poster Presenters

Name Title

Elizabeth I Alger

“Transposable Elements Shape the Transcriptional Landscape in Woodland Strawberry”

Reid Blanchett

“Evaluation of the Understanding of the Scientific Process in Students using Avida-ED via Scientific Process Flowchart Assessments”

Andrew Eagle

“Cocaine Reshapes the Physiology of Ventral CA1 Afferents to Nucleus Accumbens Underlying Drug Seeking and Reward”

Scott Funkhouser

“Deciphering Sex-Specific Genetic Architectures using Bayesian Methods”

Joseph Kochmanski

“Low-dose Developmental Dieldrin Exposure Alters DNA Methylation at Genes Related to Parkinson's Disease in Mouse Midbrain”

Amanda Koenig

“PHLOEM LIPID-ASSOCIATED FAMILY PROTEIN as a Phosphatidic Acid-Dependent Signal for Systemic Stress Response"

Katerina Lay-Pruitt

“Nitrogen-Dependent Modulation of Root System Architecture through CLE3-CLV1 Signaling”

Yuan Lin

“Rapid Validation of Transcriptional Enhancers Using Agrobacterium-Mediated Transient Assay”

Davis Mathieu

“High-Throughput Phenomic Analysis of Physcomitrella Patens”

Jake Reske

"Genome-Wide Analysis of Chromatin Structure and Function Following ARID1A Loss in the Endometrial Epithelium”

Brian Schutte

“Genetic Analysis of Dog Model for Nonsyndromic Cleft Palate”