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Poster Presenters

Name Title
Zach DeBruine

"A 100,000,000,000-variable model of genome/phenome association"

Soo Hyun Ahn

“Single Cell RNA sequencing of the thymic epithelial cells of early murine pregnancy”

Amanda Koenig

"Functional Characterization of Phloem-Mobile Lipid-Binding Proteins in Plant Stress Response"

Jeffrey Mann

“Intrinsic Expression of RNF216 in Male Germ Cell Populations is Required for Spermatogenesis and Fertility”

Daniel Marri Kwabena

"Prediction of mammalian tissue-specific CLOCK-BMAL1 binding to E-box motifs"

Emily Roggenkamp

“Elucidating the obligate biotroph nature of the corn pathogen Phyllachora maydis”