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Alphabetical List

Schutte, Brian Schutte, Brian

(Microbiology and Molecular Genetics), The Schutte lab uses genetic and molecular genetic approaches to study craniofacial development in humans and in murine models. schutteb@msu.edu

Schwartz, Richard Schwartz, Richard

(Microbiology and Molecular Genetics) Impact of a high fat diet on mammary tumorigenesis, the role of inflammatory and immune processes in mammary tumorigenesis, and the roles of estrogen and progesterone in regulating the expression of proinflammatory genes in mammary epithelial cells and inflammatory processes in the mammary gland. schwart9@msu.edu

Scribner, Kim Scribner, Kim

(Fisheries and Wildlife; and Integrative Biology), Population genetics, behavioral ecology, molecular evolution, conservation genetics. scribne3@msu.edu

Sen, Aritro Sen, Aritro

(Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Program) Steroid signaling and its downstream physiological effects under normal and pathophysiological conditions; female fertility.   aritros@msu.edu


Shapiro, Erik Shapiro, Erik

(Radiology, Chemical Engineering, and Material Science) Genetics engineering to develop biomedical imaging probes and paradigms. shapir86@msu.edu

Shiu, Shin-Han Shiu, Shin-Han

(Plant Biology) We are interested in questions related to genome and gene family evolution, environmental stress response and its evolution, transcriptional regulatory mechanisms and evolution using experimental, computational, and systems biological approaches. shius@msu.edu

Steibel, Juan Pedro Steibel, Juan Pedro

(Animal Science and Fisheries and Wildlife), Statistical genomics and phenomics; analysis and design of transcriptional profiling experiments; Genome-wide association analysis of quantitative traits in outbred populations; Animal quantitative genomics; Precision Animal Agriculture. steibelj@msu.edu

Sundin, George W. Sundin, George W.

(Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences), Molecular genetics of plant-bacterial interactions, regulation of bacterial virulence factors by cyclic di-GMP and regulatory small RNAs, antibiotic resistomes in environmental habitats, evolution of bacterial plasmids. sundin@msu.edu

Takahashi, Hideki Takahashi, Hideki

(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) Molecular mechanisms of nitrogen and sulfur utilization in plants; root development, nutrient sensing, transport and metabolism. htakaha@msu.edu

Teixeira, Jose Teixeira, Jose

(Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology), Reproductive tract and gonadal development, uterine and ovarian tumorigenesis. Jose.Teixeira@hc.msu.edu

Tempelman, Robert Tempelman, Robert

(Animal Science), Hierarchical Bayesian and mixed effects modeling applied to problems in quantitative genetics and statistical genomics. tempelma@msu.edu

Thompson, Addie Thompson, Addie

(Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences), Maize genetics and genomics; quantitative genetics; plant morphology; drought stress; high-throughput phenotyping. thom1718@msu.edu

Trail, Frances Trail, Frances

(Plant Biology), Genetics and physiology of fungal plant pathogens. trail@msu.edu

Van Nocker, Steve Van Nocker, Steve

(Horticulture), Chromatin control of gene expression in plant development, histone code, transcription, epigenomics. vannocke@msu.edu

VanBuren, Robert VanBuren, Robert

(Horticulture), Integrating genomic, quantitative genetic, and evolutionary approaches to understand the genetic basis of abiotic stress tolerance in plants. vanbur31@msu.edu

Vazquez, Ana Vazquez, Ana

(Epidemiology and Biostatistics), Statistical and quantitative genetics. Developments of models for omic integration. Development of models for prediction of complex traits and health outcomes. avazquez@epi.msu.edu

Vo, Tommy Vo, Tommy

(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Epigenetics and chromatin regulation; Developmental genetics and environmental adaptation in fission yeast. votommyv@msu.edu

Walker, Berkley Walker, Berkley

(Plant Research Laboratory/Plant Biology) Resolving Photosynthetic Fluxes In A Changing World


Wang, Hongbing Wang, Hongbing

(Physiology), Calcium-stimulated signaling and gene expression in the brain. wangho@msu.edu

Wang, Yuan Wang, Yuan

(Animal Science) Transcription regulation during pluripotent stem cell self-renewal and differentiation toward germ cell lineages; mechanisms of infertility.  wangyu81@msu.edu

Waters, Chris Waters, Chris

(Microbiology and Molecular Genetics), The mechanisms by which second messenger signals allow bacteria to respond to a changing environment, control biofilm formation and motility, and their central role in the evolution of bacterial pathogens. watersc3@msu.edu

Wiseman, Robert Wiseman, Robert

(Physiology), Muscle Physiology and remodeling in disease.  The role of stem and satellite cells in muscle adaptation. Magnetic Resonance imaging and spectroscopy in animals and humans.rwiseman@msu.edu

Xiao, Hua Xiao, Hua

(Physiology), Roles of transcription cofactors in breast and liver cancers; mechanism and regulation of gene expression. xiaoh@msu.edu

Yu, Kefei Yu, Kefei

(Microbiology and Molecular Genetics), Molecular immunology, recombination and class switching in immunoglobulin genes. yuke@msu.edu

Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan, Villma Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan, Villma

(Microbiology and Molecular Genetics; and Small Animal Clinical Sciences), Comparative mammalian genetics, cancer genetics, stem cell biology, drug discovery and novel therapeutic approaches. vygsu@msu.edu