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Alphabetical List

LaPres, John J. LaPres, John J.

(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; and Institute for Integrative Toxicology), Molecular pharmacology and toxicogenomics of the PAS family of transcription factors. lapres@msu.edu

Latham, Keith Latham, Keith

(Animal Science), Molecular, cellular, genetic and epigenetic regulation of mammalian oocyte biology and preimplantation embryo development. Effects of environmental factors on stem cells. lathamk1@msu.edu

Leinninger, Gina Leinninger, Gina

(Physiology), Neuronal regulation of ingestive and other motivated behaviors leinning@msu.edu

Lenski, Richard Lenski, Richard

(Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences; Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, and Integrative Biology), Genetics of evolving populations of bacteria. lenski@msu.edu

Liu, Kevin Liu, Kevin

(Computer Science and Engineering), The Liu lab develops new computational methodologies for comparative genomic analyses which are then used to generate novel biological discoveries. kjl@msu.edu

Lu, Qing Lu, Qing

(Epidemiology and Biostatistics), Statistical genetics in human complex diseases.qlu@epi.msu.edu

Lundquist, Peter Lundquist, Peter

(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) Plant resilience to environmental stresses; chloroplast molecular biology, biochemistry, and molecular genetics; regulation of photosynthesis and plastid metabolism pklundqu@msu.edu

Lunt, Sophia Lunt, Sophia

(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), I am interested in understanding the role of metabolism in supporting cancer proliferation, heterogeneity, and metastasis. sophia@msu.edu

Mansfield, Linda Mansfield, Linda

(Microbiology & Molecular Genetics; and Large Animal Clinical Sciences), Comparative Enteric Diseases Laboratory - Our laboratory studies the enteric bacterial pathogen Campylobacter jejuni.mansfie4@cvm.msu.edu

McCabe, Laura McCabe, Laura

(Physiology), The role of gut-bone signaling in the regulation of bone density under conditions of menopause and disease (diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease) as well as identification of therapeutic targets. mccabel@msu.edu

Montgomery, Beronda Montgomery, Beronda

(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; and DOE Plant Research Lab), Molecular basis of organ-specific phytochrome responses in higher plants; Light-regulated development in cyanobacteria. montg133@msu.edu

Mulks, Martha Mulks, Martha

(Microbiology and Molecular Genetics), Genetics and virulence factors of pathogenic bacteria. mulks@msu.edu

Parameswaran, Narayanan Parameswaran, Narayanan

(Physiology), Molecular mechanisms of inflammation and disease; Receptor biology and signal transducion. narap@msu.edu

Patterson, Eric Patterson, Eric

(Plant, Soil and Microbial; Sciences), Genome plasticity and evolution of weedy species. Patte543@msu.edu

Petersen-Jones, Simon Petersen-Jones, Simon

(Small Animal Clinical Sciences) Hereditary eye disease in animals, particularly in dogs and cats to identify causal gene mutations, understand disease mechanisms and explore therapeutic approaches, in particular gene therapy. peter315@cvm.msu.edu