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Fungal and Yeast

Fungal and Yeast
Martin Chilvers Martin Chilvers

(Plant Soil and Microbial Science) Fungal and oomycete biology and genetics; fungal population genetics; evolution of fungal matin type genes; host pathogen interactions.

Danny Ducat Danny Ducat

(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; and MSU/DOE Plant Research Lab)  Molecular and synthetic biology approaches for the study of cyanobacterial core metabolism and redirection of photosynthetic pathways for the production of 'green' fuels and commodity products; mixed cyanobacteria-heterotroph microbial consortia.

Min-Hao Kuo Min-Hao Kuo

(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Mechanism of gene regulation via modifications of chromatin: cell cycle regulation of histone modifications in yest S. cerevisiae.

Shian-Han Shiu Shian-Han Shiu

(Plant Biology), We are interested in questions related to genome and gene family evolution, environmental stress response and its evolution, transcriptional regulatory mechanisms and evolution using experimental, computational, and systems biological approaches.

Frances Trail Frances Trail

(Plant Biology) Genetics and physiology of fungal plant pathogens.

Steven Triezenberg Steven Triezenberg

(VARI; and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Regulation of eukaryotic transcription; molecular biology of herpesviruses.