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Hsu, Polly Hsu, Polly

(Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

Using experimental and computational approaches to study genome-wide mRNA translation and identify novel peptides; plant responses under diurnal cycles and environmental stress; circadian rhythms.

Cornelius Barry Cornelius Barry

(Horticulture), Analysis of the genetic mechanisms that regulate development and ripening of fleshy fruits and the biochemical evolution of plant specialized metabolism in the

Christoph Benning Christoph Benning

(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Biosynthesis, turnover, trafficking and function of lipids in photosynthetic organisms; genetics, genomics and engineering of algae and

Robin Buell Robin Buell

(Plant Biology),  Genomics of plants and plant pathogens.

Jin Chen Jin Chen

(Plant Biology; and MSU/DOE Plant Research Lab)  Bioinformatics, as well as its interface with machine learning and algorithms.

Jeffrey Conner Jeffrey Conner

(Plant Biology), Plant/pollinator interactions; Mechanisms of adaptation and constraint; evolutionary, ecological, and quantitative genetics and genomics; natural and artificial selection; flower and weed

Yuehua Cui Yuehua Cui

(Statistics and Probability), Statistical genetics/epigenetics; QGenetic association studies, gene network inference, gene-gene and gene-environment interactions, Methylation and ChIP-seq data

Brad Day Brad Day

(Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences), Molecular genetics and biochemistry of disease resistance in plants.

Dean DellaPenna Dean DellaPenna

(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Plant biochemistry, especially relating to phytochemicals of importance to human nutrition, and structural and functional aspects of the plant cell wall.

Eva Maria Farre Eva Maria Farre

(Plant Biology)  Plant circadian clock and its role in plant growth and development.

Rebecca Grumet Rebecca Grumet

(Horticulture), Molecular genetics of plant development and disease resistance.

Kyung-Hwan Han Kyung-Hwan Han

(Forestry), Molecular biology of secondary growth (i.e., wood formation) Transcriptional regulation of secondary wall biosynthesis Molecular biology of drought

Sheng Yang He Sheng Yang He

(Plant Biology & DOE Plant Research Lab),  Molecular interactions between plants and pathogenic bacteria.

Susanne Hoffmann-Benning Susanne Hoffmann-Benning

(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), The role of lipids and small molecules in intracellular and long-distance signaling in plant development and the response to environmental

Gregg Howe Gregg Howe

(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology & DOE Plant Research Lab), Hormone signaling for control of plant growth, defense, and energy partitioning.

Jianping Hu Jianping Hu

(Plant Biology & DOE Plant Research Lab), Molecular regulation of the dynamics of plant energy organelles peroxisomes and mitochondria.

Ning Jiang Ning Jiang

(Horticulture), The relationship of transposable elements and their host organisms; how transposable elements shaped their host genomes while amplifying themselves.

David Lowry David Lowry

(Plant Biology) Genetic and genomic mechanisms of ecological adaptations and how those adaptations contribute to the formation of new species.

Beronda Montgomery Beronda Montgomery

(Biochemistry; Molecular Biology; and DOE Plant Research Lab),  Molecular basis of organ-specific phytochrome responses in higher plants; Light-regulated development in cyanobacteria.

Katherine Osteryoung Katherine Osteryoung

(Plant Biology), Mechanisms and regulation of chloroplast division in plants, and cell division in cyanobacteria.