Genetics and Genome Sciences Graduate Program

The Genetics Graduate Program was developed in 1970 as an interdepartmental degree-granting program that provides graduate education in the field of genetics, and over 200 alumni have received PhD degrees in Genetics.  The program is administered through the College of Natural Science, and participating faculty have academic appointments in various MSU departments or institutions affiliated with MSU.  The objectives of the Genetics Program are to train students for careers in research, teaching, and other science-related fields that rely on a deep understanding of the scientific method and of the nature and significance of genetics and genomics. After training, students should be able to appreciate and contribute to new developments in this rapidly changing field.

  • Degree-granting, interdepartmental program with over 100 faculty participants
  • Financial support through research assistantships and fellowships
  • Enroll through the Biomolecular Science Gateway
  • Laboratory rotations across disciplines
  • Excellent research facilities

Research Strengths In

  • Plant genetics & genomics
  • Animal genetics & genomics
  • Microbial & Viral Genetics
  • Genetics of cancer
  • Gene expression & regulation
  • Organelle genetics
  • Metabolic engineering
  • Population genetics & evolution

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Congratulations to Tayler Murphy on passing her Comprehensive Exam and achieving candidacy in the GGS Program!

Congratulations to Dr. Scott Funkhouser on passing his Genetics PhD defense!

Congratulations to Dr. Jeff Schachterle on passing his Genetics PhD defense!

Congratulations to Jake Reske on passing his Comprehensive Exam and achieving candidacy in the GGS Program!

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