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Career and Fellowship Information


MSU Graduate School Fellowship website

Students interested in teaching or entrepreneurship and public policy can apply for small awards that provide supplemental support and require participation in meetings and discussions on the topics:

FAST - Future Academic Scholars in Teaching

CASTL - The Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Leadership Program

Emergency Fellowship Funding for PhD students consists of very short term aid.

Dr. Marvin Hensley Endowed Fellowship

In the spring, nominations are accepted for the Hensley fellowship from the College, which is intended to provide support in environmental research thrust areas. To qualify, a student must be pursuing a graduate degree in the College of Natural Science.

Barnett Rosenberg Fellowship in Biological Sciences

In the spring, nominations are accepted for the Rosenberg fellowship from the College, which provides a stipend, health insurance, and tuition waiver for an entire year. While nominees may be either on campus now or planning to come in the near future, the recipients of this award have generally been advanced students who have shown a distinguished record of accomplishment at MSU. The quality of current and past recipients has been excellent, consistent with the aim of making this a particularly distinctive and prestigious award.

Tracy Hammer Graduate Student Award For Professional Development

The Tracy A. Hammer Graduate Student Award is presented to an outstanding graduate student in support of their professional development. Nominees must be pursuing a degree in the College of Natural Science. The award includes a one-time stipend of $750 funded by the NatSci AA Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Future Academic Scholars (FAST) Fellowship Program

The Graduate School at Michigan State University (MSU) and the MSU Center for the Integration of Research Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) Steering Committee are sponsoring an opportunity for graduate students--the FAST Fellowship Program (Future Academic Scholars in Teaching). The primary goals of the FAST Fellowship Program are to provide opportunities for a diverse group of graduate students to have mentored teaching experiences and to gain familiarity with materials on teaching and assessment techniques.

The FAST program is for doctoral students with interests in teaching, learning, and assessment in higher education who are enrolled in programs associated with the Colleges of Natural Science, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Engineering, and Veterinary Medicine and whose college or department has an approved Certification in College Teaching Program.**

Students selected for this one-year program participate in group meetings or workshops with fellowship recipients, outside speakers, and/or faculty members to discuss topics related to teaching and learning. Fellowship recipients also propose and conduct a defined, small scholarly project on a topic they select regarding the scholarship of teaching. Assistance with projects is provided by a mentor, selected by each fellow, and MSU CIRTL Steering Committee Members. Fellows are encouraged and supported to disseminate project results on websites, at conferences, and/or in peer-reviewed journals.

Applications are submitted by mid-March. For further information or questions regarding the program, please visit the MSU Graduate School or contact Dr. Rique Campa, 432-7340 or campa@msu.edu.

CNS Completion and Continuation Fellowships

Fellowships are available through the College of Natural Science to assist doctoral students. Completion fellowships allow students to devote full time to writing the dissertation with the goal that the dissertation will be completed during the tenure of the fellowship, whereas continuation fellowships allow students to focus on their research activities. Other MSU financial support, held simultaneously with the fellowship, cannot exceed a one-halftime assistantship or the equivalent. Usually, the CNS announces competition for these fellowship sin the middle of each of fall, spring and summer semesters. Selection of fellowship winners requires both excellence of the candidate and need for fellowship support.

Other Financial Aid

Financial aid options for international students in very specific areas are described at the Office for International Students and Scholars

Travel Funding opportunities are detailed by the MSU Graduate School. In addition to these sources, the GGS Program will generally provide funding for each graduate student who is attending a meeting to present his or her research results. Council of Graduate Students (COGS) offers Conference grants.

Short Term Loans

ASMSU administers a short term loan program for COGS. To obtain a loan, bring a valid MSU ID and a picture ID to 307 Student Services. The loan is interest-free for 6 weeks. Since the loan fund is a limited resource, money may not always be available. Loans are not available during the last 3 weeks of any term.

COGS Short Term Loans

The Office of Financial Aid administers a COGS-funded short term loan program. Applications for the loan are available in 252 Student Services, and take 2-3 business days to process. Make sure you write "COGS LOAN" clearly at the top of the application form! This loan is interest-free for up to 60 days