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Financial Support

All incoming graduate students entering through the BioMolecular Science Gateway will be provided financial support during the first academic year in the form of a graduate assistantship or other university assistantships or fellowships. After the graduate student completes his/her laboratory rotations and decides on a laboratory to pursue his/her doctoral research , the major professor will arrange internal or external financial support for the student for the remainder of the students graduate program.

Graduate Assistantships

The Genetics & Genome Sciences graduate assistant stipend is competitive with other graduate programs. In addition, graduate assistants receive up to a nine-credit tuition waiver per semester (three credits are considered full time for graduate students on assistantships) and paid health insurance. Further information regarding the graduate assistantship benefits can be found at the MSU Graduate web site at http://grad.msu.edu/assistantships/.


Marvin Hensley Endowed Fellowship

In the spring, nominations are accepted for the Hensley fellowship from the College, which is intended to provide support in environmental research thrust areas. To qualify, a student must be pursuing a graduate degree in the College of Natural Science.

Barnett Rosenberg Fellowship in Biological Sciences

In the spring, nominations are accepted for the Rosenberg fellowship from the College, which provides a stipend, health insurance, and tuition waiver for an entire year. While nominees may be either on campus now or planning to come in the near future, the recipients of this award have generally been advanced students who have shown a distinguished record of accomplishment at MSU. The quality of current and past recipients has been excellent, consistent with the aim of making this a particularly distinctive and prestigious award.