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Study Abroad Program Undergraduate Exchange

MSU students to Germany

The MSU Molecular Biology Study Abroad Program will provide MSU science students with a number of options for a mentored summer research experience at the Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf (HHUD). Students will be enrolled in six credits of undergraduate research and two credits of an “omics” course at the HHUD, which will all be transferred to MSU upon completion of the program.  The research experience will be complemented by exposure and immersion in the German culture, in part through the social contacts that will occur within the host laboratories. Many opportunities for travel and exploration will be available on the weekends and after the completion of the eleven weeks of supervised research.

student in lab student abroad student abroad student abroad


German students to Michigan

The German students enroll in a combination of graduate and undergraduate science courses. Classroom learning is just part of the experience, since the students choose two mentored research experiences. Lodging is made available in the MSU apartments. The students learn by experience about the American educational system and the university community, through which many social, cultural and athletic activities are available. Most students set aside some time to tour the country after the academic year ends.

student in lab student and professor students in lab student in lab